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August 11, 2017

Interior Design Lessons from The Bohemian Hotel

Let me first start by saying, my husband, daughter and brother are currently in the hotel business. My dad and I are previous alumni. I have had the amazing opportunity to live and stay in many luxury and boutique hotels and resorts across the US and Caribbean. It goes without saying being surrounded by diverse and dynamic interior design certainly provides a wealth of inspiration. My luxury residential designs have certainly benefited from my past experience.

Historic Renovation

I have the opportunity to see not only the finished products, but what it took to get there. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to attend a walk-thru of one of my husband’s historic renovations in Nashville. The building is well on it’s way to be a stunning accomplishment. My takeaway is an appreciation of the unique parameters a historic building demands. An unparalleled attention to detail is critical…although that certainly applies to all quality projects!  Tip: If your travels take you to the Music City, I would highly recommend staying at the ultra-hip Thompson Nashville in The Gulch District.

From Historic to Eclectic Interior Design 

The Bohemian Hotel Celebration is hands-down the most impressive to me in terms of interior design. With a sultry color palette and pops of dramatic red, this hotel is stunning! My interior design aesthetic always includes organic elements. I am happy to see the Bohemian Hotel does as well. The hotel certainly doesn’t disappoint. The lobby, lounge and other public areas have accomplished the perfect blend of natural materials with opulent fabrics. The chandeliers draw your immediate attention and announce this is eclecticism at it’s best. When in the Orlando area, definitely stop by for at least a cocktail or stay in this magnificent hotel as a reprieve from the ordinary. Wishing you safe travels to unconventional places!

June 28, 2017

New Orleans Design

New Orleans design is transforming classic architecture and interior design to a contemporary palette. I am looking at two highrise towers. Both are currently under construction in the Warehouse District. The city is full of construction and consequently anticipation is bright. I have patiently waited for the right time to invest. It seems the moment has arrived.

Interior Design Perspective

As an interior designer, I am thrilled to see an additional contemporary design style added to the eclectic soul of New Orleans. Visitors of the city will appreciate a multitude of architectural styles within a small microcosm. Notably art galleries abound, exterior sculpture is plentiful and cultural theaters are open to house a bustling theatrical community. Excitement is in the air…creativity is rampant…I’m ready to design!

Design Inspiration

I hope you love the inspiration photos from one of my favorite showrooms at the Las Vegas Market. Off to the design show at the end of August to search for amazing finds for both this project and noteably my upcoming Desert Mountain new build!

May 21, 2017

Patio Furniture Revamped

Solstice Stone celebrated their grand opening last week which I had the opportunity of attending. The event showcased their “Next Generation of Stone” which included leather wrapped stone, handcrafted relief patterns and animal print. The showroom was filled with amazingly dimensional products and innovative new ways to apply them. Check out the patio furniture…it will definitely be durable in the hot desert sun!

March 15, 2017

Architectural Details of Spain

From the modern Guggenheim Bilboa to the adorned ancient structures throughout the cities, inspiring design moments are behind (or on) just about every door in Spain. In our exploration of the cities, the massive and beautifully crafted doors and entryways struck me with amazement and complete inspiration. The monumental scale and the solidity of these structures reflect a time when intricate details were cherished and craftsmen thrived. These are all qualities that influence my design.

February 7, 2017

Independent Woman Luncheon

Invited to sit at the table of David E. Adler Fine Rugs, I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this philanthropic event. The Independent Woman Luncheon is in its seventh year. Leading interior designers come from all over the valley in support of the Phoenix Art Museum’s commitment to excellence. Moreover, interior design firms create imaginative tablescapes for the event that spark conversation and a creative vibe.

Words of Wisdom in Interior Design

The keynote speaker is Sarah Richardson of HGTV famed shows Room Service, Design Inc., and Real Potential. Sarah was an infectious speaker who absolutely conveys a sense of “you may have a plan,” but it will change one hundred times by day’s end…and that’s okay!

Design Parting Message

My takeaway is to always strive for amazing design while keeping in mind the process will always be ever-changing. What starts out on paper rarely reflects the final product. Great design is a fluid, ever-changing concept and thought goes into each and every aspect. Change is good!

Las Vegas World Market

January 28-February 1, 2018

Where do award-winning interior designers find amazing furniture, lighting, accessories, and bedding? How do we stay on top of the latest and greatest? At the national design shows!

I will be attending the Las Vegas World Market in January. A 5 million+ square foot, state-of-the-art venue houses unique finds for all styles of residential design. I will be taking two guests to the show this year. If you are looking for inspiration, unique pieces or to update a living area, this is your opportunity to curate like a designer.

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